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Advanced Pistol Training:

Would a non-competitor benefit from this training?

Absolutely, everyone can benefit from TDSA training. If you carry a gun professionally, have a concealed carry permit, or just want to learn to shoot as best as you possibly can, you will want to take this class. Novice shooters to Master class competitors have seen dramatic improvement in their shooting skills after attending TDSA training. We are so confident in the training we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

Do I need a special firearm to take your class?

You need a reliable firearm, holster, two magazine carriers and additional magazines. If you do not have these items we can recommend quality products you can acquire. You do shoot and practice a lot of drills during the two-day training. It is important you have reliable equipment. We recommend you train with a semi-auto. The training you receive will apply to any handgun you shoot, semi-auto or revolver. Some additional items will be needed, i.e. eye protection, hearing protection, sunscreen, etc. Everything you need to bring will be listed in your registration packet.

I shoot a Glock 17, will that be all right for the class?

Most students taking our classes show up with Glocks or end up getting one after our class. The safe action trigger of a Glock is very easy to master and the reliability of the firearm during the weekend has led a number of students to purchase one after attending our class. The majority of our instructors shoot Glocks but we do have those who shoot their 1911’s. A Glock with kydex holster and magazine carries are a perfect combination for the training. Most students shoot 9mm due to the cost of ammo and the amount required for the courses. Students are able to master their firearm regardless of the make. We see all makes and models of semi-autos in our classes.

I’m afraid I might embarrass myself?

No need to worry, obviously there will be different levels of shooters in each class. You are only measured against yourself and should only be concerned about yourself. We want YOU and every other student to maximize their talents for individual improvement. TDSA-Mo does have a way to measure your starting level and measure your improvement at the end of the class. There is a high improvement rate in just two days and the techniques you learn will help you continue improving over your shooting career.

I am a female who wants to learn to shoot better, are there any girls in your classes?

Yes, we instruct a lot of female shooters. We offer female only basic pistol training programs that introduce shooters to firearms. Due to our CCW training and the female basic classes many ladies enjoy shooting and have decided they need more advanced training and take our AP I class. While the classes are predominantly male, we do have females in our classes. The ladies improvement from our training is as dramatic as the men’s and they feel comfortable in the class and enjoy the training like everyone else.

Can an experienced shooter benefit from your training?

Shooters of all levels have improved their skills with TDSA training. Most students see increases in their speed and accuracy after the course. High level competitors do benefit from the class. Their improvement may not be as dramatic as an average shooter but many experienced competitors have learned new techniques that have helped them. TDSA training makes sense for all shooters due to the sound principals taught.

What if the weather is bad?

All our training is done on the range (no class room). We have been fortunate to have good weather for the majority of our classes. We encourage students to bring poor weather gear, as well as sunscreen as we can train in all types of weather except lightening where we would move in doors for the instruction portion. If it is raining we do have cover to shoot from but it would be necessary to bring rain gear as well. Our classes are generally scheduled in warmer weather so severe cold has not been a problem. If for some reason we had tornados or something unusual, the range we instruct at has several nice buildings we could take shelter in.

Concealed Carry Training:

Where can I apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon?

In most counties and in St. Louis, you should apply at the sheriff's office. In St. Louis County, apply at the St. Louis County Police Department.

What type of gun safety course do I have to take?

You must pass a minimum eight-hour course taught by an instructor who is certified as a police firearms safety instructor, by a state, federal or local agency, or by the National Rifle Association. The course also includes live firing exercises, gun safety classes, the new License-to-Carry law and laws related to the lawful use of force, and will be a minimum of eight hours. Time and market conditions will set the price.

What are the qualifications to get a permit?

You must be at least 23 years old and have lived in the state at least six months or be a member of the armed forces or a soldier's spouse. You must pass a background check and a gun safety course.

How much does a permit cost?

The initial fee cannot exceed $100. After three years, there will be a $50 renewal fee. Training costs will be separate and in addition to the permit fees. Private instructors or governmental agencies that offer the course will set training course fees.

How is the background check conducted?

You will be fingerprinted, and the prints will be sent to the Missouri Highway Patrol. The patrol will run the prints through its criminal records database and forward them electronically to the FBI.

What type of criminal record will disqualify me?

You cannot have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a felony. Within the last five years, you also cannot have had two or more DWI or drug possession convictions or a record of misdemeanors that includes unspecified "crimes of violence."

Any other disqualifiers?

Yes. You cannot have been committed to a mental health facility in the last five years or have a full order of protection issued against you. You also cannot have "engaged in a pattern of behavior, documented in public records, that causes the sheriff to have a reasonable belief that the applicant presents a danger to himself or others."

How long does the sheriff have to make a decision on my application?

The sheriff has 45 days. If the background check is not done by then, the sheriff must issue the permit. It can be revoked later if a disqualifying factor is found.

What will the permit look like?

The sheriff will give you a certificate of qualification. You will take your certificate to the Missouri Department of Revenue, which issues new drivers licenses and/or non-drivers licenses that include endorsements for those certified to carry concealed weapons.

What if the sheriff denies the permit?

You can appeal to small claims court. If you lose, you can request a trial in circuit court.

If I get a permit, can I carry my concealed gun everywhere?

No. You cannot carry it into a police station, polling place, prison, jail, courtroom, airport, hospital, or sports stadium that seats at least 5,000 people. You also can't take a gun into meetings of the governing body of a city or county or the state Legislature. Those public bodies can restrict guns in their buildings by posting signs. Guns cannot be taken into bars, casinos, amusement parks, child-care facilities, schools, colleges or places representing those organizations. Your training course will provide information on where you can and cannot carry.

Are there special provisions for elected officials?

Yes. Permit-holding members of city and county governing bodies and the Legislature can carry hidden guns into their own meetings, unless the governing bodies enact rules prohibiting carry.

What about private property?

Owners of private property can post their premises as being off limits to concealed guns. Signs must be at least 11 by 14 inches with lettering at least one inch tall.

Is it a crime to carry a concealed weapon into prohibited places?

No. But you can be removed from the premises. If you refuse to leave, you can be fined up to $100. For the second offense within six months, you can be fined $200 and lose your permit for a year.

What can I do if I know that an ineligible person has a permit?

You can file a petition with the small claims court to revoke that person's permit. However, if the court decides you acted "without justification" or to harass the permit holder, you can be ordered to pay court costs, including at least $150 an hour for attorneys' fees.

Can I check public records to determine if my neighbor has a concealed weapons permit?

No. The records are closed.

Why is your class 10 hours long?

The law states what must be covered in a course and says it must be a minimum of 8 hours to be legally recognized as an approved concealed carry course. We feel the law portion of the class is very important so we spend due diligence at making sure our students completely understand the law along with the other mandated curriculum. We have an prosecuting attorney present during our law portion. We have not had any complaints on our class as the course moves rapidly. We actually have several compliments posted on the website from previous students under “Testimonials”.







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