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By far the most unique handgun-training course taught today. Shooters of all skill levels benefit from this course due to great emphasis being placed on proper grip, stance, trigger control, sight alignment, reloading techniques, drawing from concealment and/or duty gear, target transitions, multiple target engagement and weapon presentation (ready gun). This course allows students to see a significant increase in their shooting speed and accuracy. Students average over 30% improvement when finished with this course. If your schedule allows for only one handgun course, make sure this is the one. Upon completion of this course, you will also be eligible to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit valid in more than thirty states.

One-Day Course, 600 - 800 rounds
Tuition: $225 ($175 for BRRC & BSP members)



This course is designed as an extension of the High Performance Pistol course with the added elements of shooting while moving and shooting from barricades. Students quickly gain the ability to maneuver in and around obstacles while maintaining speed and accuracy. The ability to quickly move to and shoot from a barricade is a vital skill for shooters involved in action shooting competition, as well as the defense-minded student. In this course you will learn how to engage multiple threats while advancing, retreating and moving laterally. This course gives you a competitive edge by learning the skills necessary to make you a more smooth and efficient shooter on the range. A must class for the competitive shooters and law enforcement personnel.

One-Day Course, 600 to 800 rounds
Tuition: $225 ($175 for BRRC & BSP members)



Defensive Rifle I is an entry level course where students will be taught the proper technique for operating their semi-automatic rifle in a 3 to 50 yard setting.  The class will cover the proper choice and placement of gear as well as effective shooting platform and proper mounting of the firearm.  Students will learn to engage multiple targets while utilizing various transition techniques and shooting positions.  Students will be encouraged to sharpen their shooting skills on both strong and weak sides.  Speed loads and tactical reloading of the firearm will also be covered in this course.  This course is for the student who chooses to develop a solid foundation for shooting their tactical rifle.  Students will build confidence and see significant improvements in their speed and accuracy over the one-day course.

One Day Course:  500 - 750 Rounds
Tuition: $225 ($175 for BRRC & BSP members)



In this course we will work on integrating shotgun work with the same platform that we teach throughout our courses. We will work on trigger control and manipulation and operational skills on a pump or semi-automatic shotgun (depending on what you bring to the course). We'll teach recoil management, front sight recovery while using steel and clay targets. We will also spend time working on reloading, movement and shooting from and around obstacles. This will be a practical style course with an emphasis on close range shooting. This is not a trap or skeet shooting course. Bring 500 rounds of target loads, 20 rounds of buck shot, and 10 rounds of slug, and a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun without a sling.
Classes are limited to 10-12 students to ensure more personal, one-on-one attention. Registration is on a first-come, first serve basis. The course will run rain or shine..

One Day Course:  500 rounds - Target Loads, 20 rounds - Buck Shot, 10 rounds - Slug
Tuition: $225 ($175 for BRRC & BSP members)





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